Email Marketeer

Job description

We are looking for an Email / CRM / database Marketeer to join our Recruitment Marketing team

What others think you do

You spend your days spamming customers with emails about the latest jobs

What you actually do & how you get it done

As an Email / CRM / Database Marketeer you know how to use email most effectively to engage with your cv database.

That means:

  • You’re responsible for all Team Recruitment Marketing customer email campaigns (nurture, drip & lead gen campaigns)
  • You know how to use an ESP to it’s fullest potential
  • You extract relevant data from other tools (such as an ATS) to enrich your candidate segments and/or talentpools
  • You set up the right (automated) flows to reach the target audiences with relevant content
  • You connect with your CRO counterpart to help setup the right landingspages / typeforms / CTA’s
  • You develop, set up and analyse campaigns to drive conversions and make impact
  • You underline your choices with clear reasoning and unquestionable data
  • You build, measure and learn: experimenting is the key to great results
  • You share your insights, learnings and results with all relevant stakeholders as actionable insights
  • You continuously stay up to date with new developments
  • You know how to get from e-mailmarketing to marketing automation


What your LinkedIn profile would read

Database conversion booster

What other people notice about you



  • Move fast – you implement high quality pragmatic solutions
  • Work together – with your peers at customers and your own team
  • Are curious and always eager to learn new skills – talk, study, read, watch, do, whatever it takes
  • Take responsibility for your own your projects – and get (sh)it done
  • Invest in people and ‘pay it forward’ – help and inspire people around you

Your average working day might look like this

09:00 Coffee

09:01 Analyse campaign results

09:10 Coffee

09:11 Further analyse campaign results

10:00 Inform customers on the impact the campaigns had and discuss next steps

11:00 Check event calender and setup some new campaigns to make sure we also drive conversions during the events

11:30 Start some new A/B tests on subject lines & template designs

12:00 lunch and laugh my ass of with my team

13:00 Setup some new cool automated flows for new candidate segments

16:00 Together with our designer create some new templates to incorporate the customers’ employer branding

17:00 Home sweet home

The dream team

You will be working in the Recruitment Marketing team of Direct Impact. In this team you will have a lot of freedom and flexibility in how you do the work as long as you are willing to put in the work and make impact for our clients.

The team is characterized by 1) its members being autonomous T-shaped recruitment marketingspecialists, 2) preferring to finish deliverables over meetings and 3) taking ownership and responsibility.

Just a few reasons you want this job…. BAD!


  • Good salary, €2.750-€3.500 per month
  • Superb training budget of € 2.500 per year. Yes, we want you to learn and and grow fast too!
  • 25 vacation days, with the possibility to buy more if you need
  • Commuting and travel allowance € 0,19 per km, NS Business Card or lease E-bike
  • All the stuff you need to make impact (laptop / budget €800,- and phone budget €45,- per month)
  • All the stuff you need to have a private life (flexible working hours,work from home, clients office, coffee corner or ball pit @McDonald’s, you name it, easy to reach office close to Utrecht city center)
  • All the stuff you need to have fun (nice colleagues, team events, table tennis, playstation etc)
  • All the stuff you need to feel good (daily team lunch, good coffee, fresh drinks in the fridge, spacious & light 290m2 office)


We ask

  • A few years’ of experience working in Email marketing (Commercial or recruitment)
  • You have some technical experience with connecting tools and setting up the right dataflows (ATS & ESP for example)
  • You know the ins and outs of tools such as Mailchimp, Autopilot, Activecampaign, Hubspot or Saleforce Marketing Cloud
  • You to develop your talent by continuously learning and experimenting
  • You to unleash your passion and drive while always taking full ownership for everything you do
  • That you love data and have a talent for great analysis to make further impact
  • You to have a growth mindset and a ton of ownership and drive;
  • You are great inspiration not only for your team, but also our customers and partners;
  • That you have excellent language skills in both Dutch and English;
  • You to have an EU passport or Dutch work permit;
  • That you can stay firm on content without jeopardizing professional relations;
  • That you are able to see the big picture but also have eye for detail;

Interested, any questions or just want to have coffee? Please get in touch with Jeffrey Hamelink: 6 573 461 87.

Dear staffing agencies. Please follow us on LinkedIn to keep in touch. At this moment, we’re confident that we can attract new superstars ourselves.


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