Where do you go if you are a growing startup, ready to scale-up and you are looking for funding opportunities?

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A question many founders ask themselves, is: are we ahead of our competitors? The answer to this question is actually irrelevant. Whether you are ahead of your competitors or not, the real question is whether or not you will be ahead of your competitors in the future.

Being ahead or continuing to be ahead, often requires growth at high pace. A pace that requires external funding. In this webinar we explore a couple of options related to funding for scale-ups, with Vera van Kesteren (Voordegroei) and Joyce Houterman (ROM Regio Utrecht), and a founder who shares his experiences (to be confirmed).

We love interactive sessions, so if you have your product-market fit and you are looking to grow fast, this is a great opportunity to join us and ask questions.

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wo., 17 februari 2021

17:00 – 18:00 CET

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Als sales master bij Grit help jij ondernemers bij het groeien van hun bedrijf. Je zet je in als collega op afstand en zorgt ervoor dat jouw opdrachtgevers hun doelstellingen behalen.

Interview met Hester Le Riche (Tovertafel)

Interview met Hester Le Riche (Tovertafel)

Tijdens Crossroads, de Utrechtse week voor startups en scaleups, ging ik Jelle Drijver in gesprek met Hester Le Riche, de oprichter van Tover (voorheen bekend als Active Cues). Een van de bedrijven die, zo bleek later in het FD, in corona-jaar 2020 juist fors heeft geïnvesteerd en vervolgens ook fors is gegroeid.

Nokia delivers private 5G network to MYNXG

Nokia delivers private 5G network to MYNXG

MYNXG will use the Nokia 5G network at its new industrial IoT interoperability test center to develop new secure solutions for the industrial Internet of Things, as well as perform real-life testing of equipment and sensors for a range of OEM and customer projects.